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AB Pest Control is a recently-opened pest control company in the city of Kenmore, Washington USA. After experiencing a successful career at a well known pest control company.  Owner Alex Boddie decided to branch out and start his own pest control company. Using the skills and experience he acquired working over 31 years in the pest control industry. The result is AB Pest Control, focuses on building excellent relationships with its customers.

AB Pest Control deals with all pest in home

From single family houses to multi-family properties and even commercial buildings, AB Pest Control has the skills and expertise to tackle a wide variety of different pests and situations. AB Pest Control specializes in the control of rat, mice, ants, spiders, cockroaches, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets and other pests in the Great Puget Sound. However, AB Pest Control is able to adapt to any pest concern or infestation that you may be experiencing and will mold their services to your needs.

AB Pest Control Working Hours

AB Pest Control understands that infestations and other issues can happen at virtually any time. In fact, pests are a time-sensitive problem that. When left alone for too long. Pest can cause serious damage to the infrastructure of your property and the safety of your family and can even cause long-term health concerns.

As a result, AB Pest Control aims to deliver a reliable service whenever possible. For invasive and troublesome pests, we aim to help you as soon as possible to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Information That Can Help Us

AB Pest Control will always perform a full examination of your property to ensure we have an informed understanding of the pest infestation and how to handle it. However, having information ready to help us can be a great help. For instance,  let us know how long the infestation has been going on for, if you’ve tried any treatments yourself or if this is a repeat problem.  Our specialists will use that information to provide the best solution to you.

Other small details, such as parking information or access options to your property, can also help us ensure a fast and efficient service.

Different Solutions for Different Problems

We understand that not every infestation is the same. Whether it be the type of property, the pest itself or even the surrounding area. We make sure to provide the best solution for your problem. Our aim is to provide a fully customized and personal solution for your pest infestation. Varying our methods depending on the problem and the customer’s needs.

Even if you keep your property completely clean and clear all the time. There’s always a chance that pests can find their way into your property. Many people assume that pests are attracted to unhygienic conditions, but more often than not, they’re actually attracted by warmth, food and water. Since pests (even mice) can fit through very small holes. It’s easy for them to sneak into your property and start breeding. Eventually growing into a huge issue that has to be handled professionally.

AB Pest Control is an honest company that understands the importance of transparency within the business. If you’d like to know anything regarding our methods, the pesticides we use or even information about our exterminators. You’re free to ask and we’ll be happy to provide that information. AB Pest Control is a company built on trust and customer relationships, and we vow to deliver the best possible experience to all of our clients.

Explaining Our Pest Control

We don’t believe in hiding the facts from our clients. Which is why we’re fine with letting our customers know the details of pest control.

We do not treat conditions like fleas on your pets. These should be handled by veterinarians and no responsible pest control service would ever use their tools on a living animal. That being said, we offer pet-friendly pest control to ensure that your pets aren’t irritated during the process.

You should also expect to see dead bugs around your home after the extermination process. This is completely normal and a sign that our pest control is working correctly. It’s also relatively common to see pests become more active right after we apply our treatments. This is another sign that the pest control is working. However, if after seven days the pests are still alive, we will offer stronger treatments to help deal with heavy or larger infestations.

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