How Did Rats Get into My House?

Rodents are frustrating to deal with no matter where you live in the world. They’ll make your home unsightly, they’ll scare you when they scutter across your floors and disappear into seemingly nothing.  Rats are also unhygienic and pose health threats to everyone in your home.

One of the best ways to deal with rodents like rats is to close up any entry points and prevent them from freely traversing across your home. Sadly, they can fit into very small areas. They can squeeze into small gaps that are roughly the size of a quarter.  You know a large home has plenty of potential entry points that you might not even be aware of. To make things worse, smaller rats can often be found fitting into the smallest of gaps.

But that’s not all. Rats are also capable of jumping and climbing areas that you wouldn’t expect. They’re nimble and agile creatures, and it takes a lot to stop from them invading your home.

So in this article, we’re going to explain how rats are getting into your home and the most common entry points that you can seal up.

Rats Crawling through small holes

Small holes are the most common entry point for rats. If you’ve recently done some renovations. Then there’s always a good chance that the contractors have forgotten to fill holes.   Rats themselves will chew through parts of your home in order to get inside.

Rodents are surprisingly resourceful and will nibble at entryways to break open small holes so they can fit through. In addition, they’re nimble enough that they can fit through holes that are designed for wires to pass in and out of your home. In fact, they may even nibble at the wires themselves if they’re desperate to get in.

Performing an attic inspection

Attics are common areas for rats to invade. This is because, in addition to many pipes leading up to the roof, rats are very nimble at jumping. They can easily leap from a leap or higher wall and land on your roof. From there, there could be many entry points, such as ridge cap plugs that are being chewed off or gable vents that rats can chew through.

If they want to get into your home, then the attic is actually one of the weaker areas because some of the materials used aren’t always very sturdy. There are many entry points that can lead the rats into the foundations of your home and from there, they’re free to move across your entire property and break into your rooms wherever they want.

Rat checking out dirt dishes

Understanding why rats come into your home

You’ve discovered signs of rats invading your home and have actually seen them scuttering around. Then you might be wondering why they’re in your home in the first place. Rats, like many creatures, are attracted to warm and food.  Leaving lots of food in your bins or have a welcoming and inviting home for the rats, they’re going to flock to the place that’s most comfortable for them. If you’re used to throwing out the trash and leaving a lot of food in the bins, then the rats are going to keep on visiting your home and nibbling at the pieces of food you’ve left out.

If your home is also warm and comfortable, then they’re going to see it as a potential home as well. With a source of warmth and food, rats aren’t likely to live your home anytime soon. Because of this, you need to be wary of how you store your food. You need to be mindful of how much food waste you’re creating and how it attracts the rats, and you even need to worry about leaving food out for your dog because rats are no stranger to stealing it! If you deny rats access to food, shelter and warmth, then you’re much less likely to see them running around your home.


Rats are frustrating to get rid of, and it takes a lot of patience if you’re opting for a DIY solution.

The better option is to simply hire a qualified pest control company such as AB Pest Control. We’re experts in dealing with all kinds of rodents. We know their behavioural patterns,  how they get into your home and we know how to deal with them quickly. Making it possible for you to continue to live a comfortable life free of these pesky creatures.

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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