Mole Control

Not all pests live inside your house. Others can find their place in yards and do plenty of damage to it while they are there. Such is the case with the mole. Though the common garden mole is usually the kind that act as pests, there are other species that can sometimes invade your property, too. Here, we’re going to look at how to identify them, their behaviors, and what to do about them.

Identifying moles

Moles are tiny little mammals, often dark in color, which means it’s easy to mistake them for a rodent at a glance. They are distinct from rats and mice, however, in that they have round bodies (not unlike a potato), bare pink snouts, and squat pink front paws. What’s more, they have no external ears, while both their ear canals and eyes are covered by their fur. As they spend most of their time underground, you might not necessarily spot a mole even if it’s living in your garden. However, they do come up after the rain sometimes.

Close up of European Mole

Common mole behavior

As mentioned, moles usually live and work underground, preferring mineral rich, loamy soil. They are meat eaters that dig deep underground in search of insects, grubs, worms, and more. While moles do get rid of some insect pests, they also remove the organisms that can be beneficial to your soil. As insectivores, they don’t eat your garden plants, but in their extensive tunnel digging, they can end up destroying it anyway, so a mole pest problem can be a real issue for a gardener or anyone who likes keeping their property neat and presentable.

Spotting the signs of moles on your property

An average garden mole alone will create a whole network of tunnels under your garden, doing plenty of damage from beneath. The easiest way to see you have a mole problem is if you identify a tunnel opening. This is usually a mound of soil that has been dug up around a hole. If you clear away the soil and there is a visible hole underneath, it means the tunnel is actively used or has been used recently.

If you suspect you have moles but can’t find a tunnel entry, you can still spot tunnels in yards from above ground. These can look like lines of raised dirt, often with dying patches of plants or grass above them. As mentioned, it’s not likely that you will see a mole directly.

What to do about your mole problem

There are some mole traps that can catch and kill a mole, but these often take up to 24 hours to do the job, so you might not know whether they have worked or not. Some people use repellents, such as tobacco or by planting flowers like daffodils, which have too pungent a smell. However, a pest control specialist will use specialist trapping and sometimes fumigation to ensure that any tunnels are cleared. What’s more, self-bought traps can have a negative effect on your garden than professional mole control won’t.

If you spot any of the signs that you have a mole infestation, then calling AB Pest Control is the best way to quickly get rid of them and make sure they don’t come back.

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