Mission Statement

Provide a quality partnership, with integrity. Service customers need, with the flexibility and experience to solve the problem.  

Who is AB Pest Control

AB Pest Control is owned and operated by Alex Boddie who has been in the pest industry for over 31 years. He has tackled many different pest issues in the Puget Sound area throughout those years. From Yellow Jackets to Moles. Solving  pest issues is what Alex enjoys the most. Are you hearing scratching at night. Maybe you saw a mouse run across your floor, droppings in the pantry? Are you seeing chew marks? Is there rodents in the crawl space or attic that you can’t seem to stop? Are those annoying ants in your kitchen cabinets? Annoying bugs flying around?  A constant smell that seems to never go away? Call AB Pest Control and Alex will do what it takes to solve your pest problem.

About Alex Boddie

Over the years Alex has learned that it is important to treat clients and homes with respect. Proper control of pests require a solid relationship to be developed between him and his clients. Alex completes a full through inspection of the property and the most important a discussion of with clients in or to come up with a successful control program. AB Pest Control will never attempt to use unethical practices or a quick band aid solution to control pests. You will experience a transparent, ethical and honest solution to your pest problem.

AB Pest Control does it all

AB Pest Control will control rats, mice, moles, spiders, ants, wasps, yellow jackets, food pests and hornets. Alex is available to discuss your pest issue and cost of service over the phone. In some situations you made need to send pictures or Alex may need to visit your home to find out more details about your pest issue. In other words with 31 years under his belt. Your pest issue will be under control. AB Pest control is open Monday through Saturday from 6am to 9pm. So what are you waiting for?

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